Dear Collector:


As the producer and director of TINY LITTLE BRILIANT EXHIBITIONS I’d like to invite you to consider the value of having your cherished collection of art documented on video. I’ve spent most of my professional life producing documentaries for television, but my post-network life has been centered largely in the art world. I made TINY LITTLE BRILLIANT EXHIBITIONS as a gift for a friend and its reception by viewers both in and outside of art circles has been tremendous. The enthusiastic response to it has led me to think other collectors might wish to have a similar record for their own collections. A professionally produced visual document like this could serve multiple purposes:


• A legacy gift for descendants and loved ones of collectors.


• A visual introduction for visitors to a private collection


• An oral history for the archives of a collection.


• An ancillary component to a gallery or museum showing of works from the collection


The elements of the film would include interviews with the principals behind the collection (collectors themselves, art advisors or curators, dealers, installers) woven in with beautifully shot footage of works in the collection. The film could include everything from the genesis of the collection and the source of the collector’s passion, to the methods by which the works are collected, stories behind particular works in the collection, and – if pertinent – discussion of any plans for the future of the collection. The collector may choose to be the spine of the narrative, or may select a surrogate such as a curator or art advisor to thread the story. Ultimately, the collector will own a unique video self-portrait to install or display or archive as desired.


I am working with a team of remarkable professionals:


Rachael Arauz (Off-Camera Correspondent) is an independent curator and art historian. She is a Wellesley College graduate in art history and holds a Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to organizing exhibitions for a variety of museums, she has been the private curator for the Francis H. Williams Collection since 2006. She served as the correspondent for the interviews in “Tiny Little Brilliant Exhibitions.”


Glynn Butterfield (Editor) is an independent film and video producer and editor. Current projects include “Tiny Little Brilliant Exhibitions,” a video portrait of the Francis H. Williams collection. Glynn also produces and edits educational videos on early childhood development, as well as behind-the-scenes documentaries for independent feature films. She is fluent in Final Cut Studio 7 (digital video editing software) and has a B.A. in History from Stanford University.


Gilberto Nobrega (Director of Photography) is one of the industry’s most sought after professionals, known for his creative, artistic approach to storytelling through the lens. Gilberto has traveled far and wide shooting stories for Dateline NBC. He works regularly for ABC and CBS as well. Other clients include HBO Sports, The Food Network, ESPN and HGTV. Lush, soft lighting and content-reinforcing cover footage distinguish Gilberto’s highly creative visual style.


Sylvia Meyer (Composer) is a singer, pianist and songwriter. She is a Conservatorio Universitario de Montevideo graduate in composition and conducting. Her specialty is the relation between image and sound in theater, film and video. Her collaborations with the visual artist Liliana Porter are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, (NY), the Guggenheim Museum, The Dia Center, Reina Sofia (Madrid) and the Daros Foundation (Zurich).


Julie Cohen (Producer) is a veteran television news and documentary director and producer, and the founder of BetterThanFiction Productions, Inc. She has directed, produced, and written seven documentaries for WNET and WLIW, the PBS stations in New York City, focusing on the arts and history. Her films include The Jews of New York, one of the most-watched films ever aired on WNET; and 2012 New York Emmy Winners A Joyous Sound (Best Arts Program) and The Unforgettable Hampton Family (Best Historical Program). She also produces videos for non-profit organizations including The Hospital for Special Surgery, AARP, and Columbia University's World Science Festival. Prior to starting BetterThanFiiction, she was a staff producer at NBC News for nine years. Along with the two New York Emmy Awards, Julie has received a DuPont Columbia Award, 4 national Emmy nominations, and the individual Achievement Award for Best TV News Producer from American Women in Radio and Television. She has degrees from Colgate University, Columbia University and Yale Law School.


Keris Salmon (Producer/Director) is an Emmy-Award winning producer with 25 years of documentary film experience at ABC, NBC and PBS. For the past nine years she has been deeply involved in the art world, as a collector herself, and as a journalist - chronicling the passions of dedicated art enthusiasts on film. A graduate of Stanford University, she studied graduate level journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.


Please take a look at TINY LITTLE BRILLIANT EXHIBITIONS. Pulitzer-Prize winning art critic Sebastian Smee calls it “absolutely wonderful.” If you might be interested in a film of your own, I’d be happy to meet with you to discuss a possible budget and scope of work.